The Helmholtz Resonators offer 'Vermillion Hue' as a free download

London-based psychedelic garage rockers The Helmholtz Resonators will release their album, ‘The Mystery Of Woolley Mountain’ on April 13 via Proving House Digital.

Say the band of the single: “The tumbling clouds filled with a halcyon vermillion hue, and the lonely trees standing solitary in the vast rolling fields. Just makes you think doesn’t it? Reminisce and think of times gone by; sacred moments in your life…The profundity and hopeless enormity of it all… “Vermillion Hue is a feeling experienced by Garland Vanderbilt, one of The Helmholtz Resonators, whilst aboard a train, on a physical and spiritual journey from the musical adventure; The Mystery Of Woolley Mountain. “The music echoes the emotion and sentiment felt – a mesmeric bassline flows hypnotically along the drum track, like the train rumbling gently along its rails, as electronic droplets of rain trickle across its path. “All should experience this feeling, so we give you this song for free. Let is encompass you, let it become you. And read on how it affected Garland on the rest of his journey, with more music from the album, animation and interactivity, in the sonic epub experience, The Mystery Of Woolley Mountain, available soon through iBooks.”

Vermillion Hue will be released on April 6. For more information on The Helmholtz Resonators, visit their Facebook page.