The Haunted stream Exit Wounds track


The Haunted have revealed full details of their upcoming eighth album – and made lead track Time (Will Not Heal) available for streaming.

The Swedish metal band release Exit Wounds on August 25. You can hear the song Time (Will Not Heal) below.

Frontman Marco Aro rejoined the band in 2013 – 10 years after ending his fist spell at the helm. He has described the new album as his best ever work with the band.

Lead guitarist Ola Englund, who joined the band last year, says: “Time (Will Not Heal) is one of those songs that came together naturally and wrote itself. With its stomping drums, riffs and Marco’s screaming, it’s one of my first contributions to The Haunted and I hope you will dig it.”

Exit Wounds tracklist

  1. 317 2. Cutting Teeth 3. My Salvation 4. Psychonaut 5. Eye Of The Storm 6. Trend Killer 7. Time (Will Not Heal) 8. All I Have 9. Temptation 10. My Enemy 11. Kill The Light 12. This War 13. Infiltrator 14. Ghost In The Machine