The Ghost Inside frontman Jonathan Vigil out of cast after ankle surgery

Jonathan Vigil
Jonathan Vigil
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The Ghost Inside vocalist Jonathan Vigil reports he’s finally had the cast removed from his leg.

The singer was forced to undergo further surgery on his ankle last month after a screw dislodged and came out of his skin. Vigil then received another health blow when it was revealed he’d been diagnosed with a bone infection.

But with the cast now off, the singer says he’s ready to begin the “next chapter” of his recovery – and hopes it won’t be long before he’s walking on his own again.

Vigil says: “Cast is off and stitches are coming out. My foot is gnarly, I know, but I’m stoked to not be in a cast anymore. People who’ve ever had to shower with a leg cast know my pain.

‘Three weeks more of antibiotics and now that there’s no more metal in my ankle, the bone infection shouldn’t come back. Then it’s on to the next chapter. Getting closer every single day to the goal of walking on my own again. Not too long now.”

The band’s tour bus was involved in a crash with a truck in El Paso, Texas, in November 2015. Both drivers were killed and the band suffered varying degrees of injuries.

Vigil sustained a fractured back and neck, two broken ankles, ligament damage to his knee, a broken tooth and a wound on his back. Drummer Andrew Tkaczyk lost a leg in the crash, but he played the kit for the first time with his artificial limb in March.

While The Ghost Inside are scheduled to appear on the 2017 Vans Warped Tour, their bassist Jim Riley has confirmed he’ll join Falling In Reverse for the duration of this year’s event.

He says: “I’m adventuring this summer with my friends in Falling In Reverse. Very thankful for my first time back on the road to be surrounded by the good people on Warped Tour.”

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The Ghost Inside's Jim Riley says bus crash taught him about true strength