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The Fierce & The Dead launch new podcast

The Fierce And The Dead
(Image credit: Bad Elephant)

British prog rockers The Fierce & The Dead have launched a new podcast, Lets Start A Cult. Initially covering the history of the band future episodes will feature interviews with other musicians and friends, music gear discussion and commentary on things the band are into.

"We’d been talking about doing a podcast for a long time - if nothing else so we had some document of what we did and how we did it," bassist Kevin Feazey tells Prog. "The band has changed so much over the years and going back and remembering how we put things together has been strangely inspiring. We’d love to rope in some of out friends that we think have interesting stories to tell, there’s a whole load of wonderful people out there that many won’t be aware of them."

“It’s us talking about the music we’ve done, initially, each EP and album and then the tours," adds guitarist Matt Stevens. "Then once we’re up to date with that we’re doing interviews with our friends and people who’s music we love or have inspired us in other ways. Hopefully we don’t take ourselves too seriously and we can see the ongoing ridiculousness of the situation. These are weird times and we need to keep ourselves busy somehow, whilst making our fourth album."

Episode 1 is available on YouTube now with an episode to follow every week and it’ll be up on all major podcast platforms shortly. You can listen to episode one below.