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Soen's first two albums to be reissued on vinyl

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Swedish-based prog metallers Soen are to have their first two albums reissued through the Silver Lining label, meaning all their catalogue is now with the same label.

Both Cognitive (2012) and Tellurian (2015) were originally released on the Spinefarm label, before the band shifted to UDR Music for 2017's Lykaia. The band then signed to Silver Lining, who reissued Lykaia in 2018, and have released the bad's subsequent albums Lotus (2019) and Imperial (2021).

Cognitive will be released on vinyl for the very first, which will include the bonus track Written as well as full lyrics. Tellurian, currently out of print, will also be reissued on vinyl.

Soen have recently released the live concert film, Atlantis.

Pre-order here.

Manchester proggers PLANK to release first new album for 8 years!


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Manchester prog trio PLANK have announced that they will release their first new album in eight years in January.

The Future Of The Sea is the follow-up to 2014's Hivemind, and will be released on January 27.

"Future Of The Sea is a celebration of the power and majesty of our oceans and how humankind is destroying them," the band explain. "Explored via the trio’s love of Pink Floyd-era Meddle, Camel, Harmonia, 1980s King Crimson and Tortoise."

Camilla Sparksss announces live dates

Camilla Sparksss

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Swiss Canadian electro/darkwave musician and visual artist Camilla Sparksss has teamed up with Mike Mare of DALEK for a new limited edition 7” vinyl release Goo b/w Drifting.

Sparksss is bringing her trademark energetic live performance, which mixes her own samples pressed on dubplate (vinyl), combined with thick synthesisers and cutting vocals, to the UK this November for five special fully analog shows.

She will play:
Nov 25: London The Waiting Room
Nov 26: Bristol The Crofters Rights
Nov 27: Preston The Continental
Nov 29:  Glasgow Bloc
Nov 30: Coventry The Tin Music & Arts

Camilla Sparksss

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Ivory Gates release new album

Ivory Gates

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Brazilian prog metal quartet Ivory Gates have just released brand new album Behind The Wall through German label Green Bronto Records.

The band, who formed in Piracicaba/SP back in 2000 describe their sound as "high doses of 70s influences and 80s progressive rock, added to good old heavy metal", for fans of Evergrey, Angra and Kamelot.

The current lineup consists of Felipe Travaglini on vocals, Matheus Armelin on guitar, Hugo Mazzotti on bass and Thiago Siqueira, drums.

You'll be able to check out the band's music in next week's Tracks Of The Week.

Ivory Gates

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Swedish progger Hög sjö announces debut album

Hög sjö

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Hög sjö is Swedish producer, musician and songwriter Patrik Berger, and he will release his self-titled debut album through Smuggler Music on January 27.

The album mixes progressive jazzy sounds with world music, film music, rock and classical compositions.

Hög sjö and this year will see him release a trilogy of remarkable EPs including RakiClose To God and Gnosienne no. 6. The EPs come together to form part of the debut album, which will also feature six previously unreleased tracks. 

Further musicians on Hög sjö includie Jesper Nordenström (piano/keys), Nils Törnqvist (drums), Andreas Hourdakis (guitar), Isak Hedtjärn (clarinet/saxophone/whistle), Evan Smith (saxophone/flute/keys) and Yoann Durant (saxophone). All other instruments you hear on the record are played by Berger.

Ambient post-rockers Hammock to release new album Love In The Void


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Hammock, the Nashville-based ambient post-rock duo of Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson, who count among their fans The Flaming Lips and Sigur Rós (indeed singer Jonsi designed the cover for their 2008 album Maybe They Will Sing for Us Tomorrow), have announced that they will release their latest album, their fourteenth overall, Love In The Void on January 27.

"Love In The Void is Hammock’s loudest album to date, embracing daring and vulnerability with palpable vitality at its core.," the pair say. "Wide-eyed and looking forward, Love In The Void moves into an unknown future without fear."

Dark prog act Nepthesis feature in new film Bones And All


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Dark progressive outfit Nepthesis, formed by Sheila Eden, have their song In The Shadows featured in the new Timothee Chalamet and Taylor Russell film Bones And All (which has been described as "a cannibal love story, albeit more like one from Brothers Grimm".

“It's a gothic female empowerment track, about rising up to seek vengeance," explains Eden. "It presents a woman who sheds her old ways, in order to seek a new existence as a powerful dark goddess. Within the song, she embraces duality and her shadow side to come into full force. The song takes the listener on a journey that is mystical, and shrouded in veiled perplexity."

You'll be able to check In The Shadows out in next week's Tracks Of The Week.

Futuristic psych-prog trio Gondhawa release new EP


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French psych-prog trio Gondhawa have just released their brand new EP Mäanthagorī through Stolen Body Records.

The band, Idriss Besselievre (vocals, guitar, sanxian), Paul Adamczuk (bass) and Clément Pineau (drums), are inspired by science fiction and mix psychedelic and progressive rock and write songs in their very own language.

You can heck the band out in next week's Tracks Of The Week.

Caravela Escalarte announce details of new album

Caravela Escalarte

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Brazlian prog rockers Caravela Escalarte ahve announced that they will release their latest album, simply titled III, through Karisma Records on January 27. The album is preceded by a single, Bússola do Tempo.

"Bússola do Tempo is the opening track of our new album III, and, as the  first single,  it serves as an introduction to the album itself.," he trio state. "The song is driven by  powerful bass riffs, a heavy drum section, a warm organ sound, and remarkable synth interludes, the whole of which bears the  influence of glorious 70s classic prog rock."

The band formed in Rio de Janeiro in 2011, and are heavily inspired by both English and Italian 70s prog.

The cover art for III,  by the renowned British artist J.M.W.Turner (which you can view below), has been chosen for its depiction of a cataclysmic event, namely the eruption of Vesuvius which destroyed Pompeii in AD 79.

Caravela Escalarte

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