The Anchoress's The Art Of Losing voted Prog Magazine writers' Album Of The Year

The Anchoress
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The Anchoress's The Art Of Losing has been voted 2021's album of the year by Prog Magazine writers.

Catherine Anne Davies' second album is an intensely personal listen that clearly found favour with a lot of listeners and of which Prog reviewer Chris Roberts said was "Intense, insistent and often inspired" and "the vertigo it imposes on us is strangely intoxicating", concluding that "The Anchoress is exorcising ghosts and exercising rights here, and her creativity and talent are not losing but winning".

“I’m overwhelmed that The Art of Losing has been voted Album Of The Year by the writers of Prog," Catherine Anne Davies, who won a Prog Award in 2016 for her debut album Confessions Of A Romance Novelist, told Prog. "As a record that was steeped in synth nostalgia for the music of Talk Talk, Pink Floyd and Depeche Mode, while navigating some pretty personal trauma, never could I have imagined how many people it would resonate with. Stitched together during one of the darkest times of my life but released in the wake of a happier new chapter, I thank everyone who has listened for being a part of that journey.”

You can see the full Writer's Top 20 albums of 2021 below, in descending order.

The Anchoress

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20. Steve Hackett - Under A Mediterranean Sky (InsideOut)

We said: “If absence makes the heart grow stronger this is the most eloquent of love letters.” – Philip Wilding, Prog 116

19. Public Service Broadcasting - Bright Magic (PIAS)

We said: “The band themselves draw comparisons to Bowie’s Berlin output.” – Alex Lynham, Prog 123

18. Betwen The Buried And Me - Colors II (Sumerian)

We said:Colors II is a worthy follow-up to the original Colors.” – Philip Wilding, Prog 123

17. Sel Balamir - Swell (Rocksomos)

We said: “Amplifier’s frontman takes his first solo dive. As recoveries go, Balamir’s
is remarkable.” – Jo Kendall, Prog 123

16. Transatlantic - The Absolute Universe (InsideOut)

We said: “With The Absolute Universe more is more, bigger is better, longer is stronger…” – Grant Moon, Prog 116

15. Caravan - It's None Of Your Business (Madfish)

We said: “Caravan’s weave of folk, pop, jazz rock and wry lyrical observation is absolutely unmistakable.” – Daryl Easlea, Prog 124

14. Frost* - Day And Age (InsideOut)

We said: “Dripping cynicism, contempt and some of the most galvanising tunes you’ll hear this year.” – Johnny Sharp, Prog 119

13. Iron Maiden - Senjutsu (Parlophone)

We said:Iron Maiden’s 17th studio album is one of their most fervently progressive and adventurous yet.”  – Dom Lawson, Prog 124

12. Hedvig Mollestad Trio - Ding Dong. You're Dead (Rune Grammofon)

We said: “The fearlessness that drives them is front and centre.” – Sid Smith, Prog 118

11. Dream Theater - A View From The Top of The World (InsideOut)

We said: “Not just proper Dream Theater, but something bigger and better.” – Dom Lawson, Prog 124

10. Mogwai - As The Love Continues (Rock Action)

We said: “Unmistakably Mogwai. The majesty of their work remains a thing to behold.” – Daryl Easlea, Prog 118

9. Leprous - Aphelion (InsideOut)

We said: “They have entered uncharted territory, proving themselves utterly fearless in the process.” – David West, Prog 122

8. Gojira - Fortitude (Roadrunner)

We said: “Not just a very heavy album or Gojira’s proggiest yet. It’s easily the best album they’ve made to date.” – Jerry Ewing, Prog 119

7. Mastodon - Hushed & Grimm (Reprise)

We said: “Mastodon remain a singular chimera in the world of prog; their vision unbound by trends or expectations.” – David West, Prog 124

6. Isildurs Bane & Peter Hammill - In Disequilibrium (Atarxia)

We said: “Not an uneasy listen but definitely a contender for album of the year.” – Daryl Easlea, Prog 123

5. Field Music - Flat White Moon (Memphis Industries)

We said: “Here they do what they do with jagged grace. Their talent would be irritating if it wasn’t so electrifying.” – Chris Roberts, Prog 118

4. Jane Weaver - Flock (Fire)

We said: “If this is Studio 54, it’s been refurbished by the guys who did The Overlook Hotel in The Shining.” – Chris Roberts, Prog 118

3. Big Big Train - Common Ground (English Electric Recordings)

We said: “Prog’s modern-day flag bearers have survived a career-threatening crisis to deliver one of their finest albums.” – Grant Moon, Prog 121

2. Steven Wilson - The Future Bites (Caroline)

We said: “Steven Wilson serves up an OK Computer for the Amazon age.” – Dave Everley, Prog 116

1. The Anchoress - The Art Of Losing (Kscope)

We said: “A luminous, literary second album. Existential torment has never sounded
so alluring.” – Chris Roberts, Prog 117

Jerry Ewing

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