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Syd Arthur Release New Song Into Eternity


Syd Arthur have released a new track, Into Eternity, ahead of the release of their fourth album, Apricity, next Friday October 21.

Apricity is the band’s first album to feature new drummer Josh McGill, brother of singer/guitarist Liam and bassist Joel (the line-up is completed by keyboard player and violinist Raven Bush), who replaced Fred Rother when the latter was struck down with a chronic hearing condition ahead of the band’s US tour with Yes.

The band, who are currently on the road with White Denim, recorded Apricity with ex-Jellyfish member and Beck guitarist Jason Falkner in Los Angeles. It sees the band expanding slightly on their trademark sound, a mix of Canterbury ideals and psychedelic vision. When they released On An On back in 2012 they were very much out on thrown. Now, with the success of acts like Temples, Wolf People and Tame Impala, the band seem less like a one-off.

“It does feel that the mainstream has moved in our direction,” says Liam. “People got fed up with boring indie. We just followed our instinct, and felt this was the most forward-looking, current thing.”

Apricity is released through the British artist-run label Communion on October 21.