Stratovarius issue Eternal documentary


Stratovarius have issued a behind-the-scenes documentary showing their work on 15th album Eternal.

The follow-up to 2013’s Nemesis is set for release in Europe on September 11 and in North America on September 18 vi earMusic.

Frontman Timo Kotipelto says: “There’s more reflections from past Stratovarius albums. Some parts are more power metal but some parts of Eternal might be more like more modern metal.”

Drummer Rolf Pilve adds: “We renewed our sound on this record. There are some quite unusual songs that you probably haven’t heard before on our records.”

Last month the band released a lyric video for their track Shine In The Dark and will start a European tour in Germany later this week.

Eternal tracklist

01. My Eternal Dream 02. Shine In The Dark 03. Rise Above It 04. Lost Without A Trace 05. Feeding The Fire 06. In My Line Of Work 07. Man In The Mirror 08. Few Are Those 09. Fire In Your Eyes 10. Lost Saga