Steve Perry: I’ll finish solo album soon


Former Journey frontman Steve Perry is determined to complete his long-awaited solo album in the next few months.

He made his first onstage appearance in almost two decades when he guested with Eels in Minnesota in May 2014. He later said he’d just been having fun – and stated there was no chance of a reunion with Journey.

Earlier the vocalist had caused speculation when he revealed he’d been writing music for some time, saying: “It’s such a new cool world of music when you’re mixing electric music with rock like Muse and Imagine Dragons. It’s such a cool direction.”

Now Perry tells 100.3 The Sound LA: “There’s been so many rumours that I’m in a studio, that I’ve been in there for years.

“The truth is that I finally went into the studio in March and I’ve been in there ever since, trying to finish this record.”

Asked about a release date he replies: “I certainly am looking forward to finishing it. I want to get it done, probably, in the early part of this coming year.”

Perry split with Journey in 1998, but the suggestion of rejoining was raised again recently when drummer Deen Castronovo was fired amid a domestic violence incident, and the band brought back classic-era man Steve Smith. But guitarist Neal Schon said via Facebook: “SP does not want to return. It’s a hard gig.”

The singer’s last release was 1994 album For The Love Of A Strange Medicine.

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