Could Steve Perry go electronic?

Journey icon Steve Perry has hinted that if his long-awaited solo project ever appears it could be tinted by contemporary rock acts like Muse and Imagine Dragons.

He says he’s fascinated by the results of fusing classic rock values to emerging electronic sensibilities, and suggests the movement has been informing his recent writing sessions.

Speaking at a rare public appearance, Perry tells Artisan News: “I’ve just been writing music and seeing what I could find.

“It’s such a new cool world of music when you’re mixing electric music with rock like Muse and Imagine Dragons. It’s such a cool direction.”

The vocalist was dismissed from Journey in 1998 and he’s kept a low profile since then. Last year he revealed he’d been fighting cancer, and that he’d met then lost the love of his life after she succumbed to the disease.

Journey guitarist Neai Schon admitted in July that he missed the chemistry he’d had with Perry, and hoped they could put the bad old days behind them.