Steve Hogarth's 'curious' diary book

Marillion singer Steve Hogarth has unveiled the first volume of his memoirs.

The Invisible Man: Diaries 1991-1997 is available for pre-order. It’s to be published on June 21, with the companion title due before Christmas.

Hogarth began keeping a note of his activities after a conversation with his father. He recalls: “Some years ago I went back up north to visit my parents in Doncaster. ‘What have you been up to, son?’ said my dad. ‘I’ve been in Iceland on a glacier with a helicopter,’ I began. ‘Will you promise me you’ll keep a diary? Stuff like that doesn’t normally happen to people,’ he said.

“And so I did. Not all the time, but a lot of the time – often when I’ve been out on the road being a ‘rock star’ and sometimes when I’m at home fixing the dish-washer and bathing the kids.”

Episodes include having lunch with astronaut Neil Armstrong and receiving a phone call from the International Space Station; being arrested at gunpoint in Poland and having a flight diverted so Cat Stevens could be apprehended by police; and much more.

Hogarth says: “I guess you’re pretty familiar by now with my on-stage existence. The Invisible Man should give you more than a little insight into my life – and it has been a curious one – off stage.”

A limited edition of 500 signed hardbacks has already sold out. The paperback can be pre-ordered via Miwk Publishing.

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