Soundgarden attend launch of research boat named after them

Soundgarden attend boat launch
Cameron and Thayill with environmental staff
(Image: © King County Natural Resources and Parks)

Kim Thayill and Matt Cameron of Soundgarden last week attended the launch of an environmental research boat that’s been named in their honour.

The SoundGuardian will monitoring water quality in the Puget Sound, which lies by the band’s home city of Seattle in Washington state.

The name was chosen after a public vote, with 178 of 316 people choosing it over the other options of Cascadia and SeaKing. Chris Cornell’s band took their title from an open-air sculpture A Sound Garden, located on the shore of Lake Washington, which the boat will also monitor.

Drummer Cameron said: “We’ve won Grammys and a few awards through the years – but this is a real special one because it’s tied into our city.

“We’re very proud to be a part of it. We love the natural resources here and we’re in tune with keeping our environment safe. This vessel will certainly help out.”

Guitarist Thayill added: “These are issues that are obviously of concern, especially if you have kids. There’s a strong sense of civic price in Seattle and the north west.”

Frontman Cornell recently reported that the band will start work on their next album once his current solo tour is complete.

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