Slipknot's upcoming album features "the heaviest blues song on Earth"

Slipknot in 2021
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Slipknot are now apparently in the final stages of mixing their follow-up to 2019's We Are Not Your Kind, and according to drummer Jay Weinberg, it'll come with a few surprises.

Last week, DJ Sid Wilson revealed that the record will contain samples from "different moons around different planets". In a more recent interview, Weinberg spoke at length to WZOR about what fans can come to expect about the release, and explained that on top of the interplanetary soundscapes, the album will also contain "the heaviest blues song on Earth".

Apparently, there is also a lot of experimentation within the band's sound, including "stuff that maybe I wouldn't have ever expected us to pull out of our hat", but first and foremost, there's "so much in it that is trademark Slipknot." Are we excited? Just a tad.

"I would say we kind of turned up the dials on experimentation," explains Weinberg. "And there's some new things happening that are really exciting, really interesting, stuff that maybe I wouldn't have ever expected us to pull out of our hat.

"We've got a song that's like the heaviest blues song on earth, and stuff like that that's super exciting to hear what the guys are doing" he continues. "Then, once we're working on the instrumental for a while, then we get to hear what Corey brings to the table and how that elevates things and turns things into newer and better and whatever… It's very exciting to hear that kind of taking shape.

"But, man, there's so much in it that is trademark Slipknot. We're not gonna get away from that; we can't escape that even if we wanted to. There are certain things that are just touchstones of what we are, and I think we're really happy with that.

"And the fact that we can try to find new ways of presenting those elements — the loud, the fast, the abrasive, the discordant, all that is there for sure. And that's really exciting. I think The Chapeltown Rag is a great example of that. I think that's a song that's us kind of at peak energy and chaos.

"But what also really excites me is the way that we push things in experimental ways without questioning it. It's just kind of, like, 'This is what we wanna do. And people can take it or leave it. We don't really care.' Like on our last record, Spiders was a great example of a song that is totally out of no playbook of Slipknot's, but we make it Slipknot.

"I think now that we're kind of in this final stage of mixing this album, I think I'm confident in saying that we just kind of turned up the dials on all that experimentation. And there's some really, really new stuff that's super exciting. And I hope it makes its way onto the stage soon. It's gonna be exciting to share."

According to frontman Corey Taylor, fans can expect to hear the new album sometime this summer.

Listen to the full interview below:

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