Araya slams ‘rude’ Slayer fan group

Slayer frontman Tom Araya has publicly withdrawn his support for a group of his band’s fans operating via a Facebook page, branding them rude, disrespectful cyberbullies.

Last year he took a picture for the Fucking Slayer Gang (FSG) after his wife asked him to. But since then she’s decided “it was best to leave their group.”

Araya says in a statement: “They made up a sign and approached my wife Sandra under the guise of a family asking for support.

“After a few months my wife didn’t like how this group was managing their page. The conduct this group was showing is distasteful, rude and disrespectful to all Slayer and metal fans.”

The frontmant says the FSG have “taken liberties” with the picture and adds: “My wife later told me it was not a good idea to associate with this group, that they were cyberbullies, and that they would attack anyone who questioned their motives – they have even gone as far as attacking my wife publicly on Slayer fan pages.”

Araya continues: “I’m here to say we do not support this gang or such behaviour. The metal community is a growing community of loyal fans. Not only to the bands they support, but to each other.”

Slayer are gearing up for the launch of their 11th studio album – their first without late guitarist Jeff Hanneman.

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