Holt raves about Slayer album

Gary Holt says Slayer’s upcoming record is “everything you hope a Slayer album should be.”

The band’s first title without late guitarist Jeff Hanneman comes on the heels of the free 2014 single, Implode, which met mixed reviews from fans.

Holt tells SiriusXM: “Implode is a great song. I really love it. It’s a lot a fun to play. But compared to the other stuff Kerry King has written, it’s nothing – doesn’t even touch it.”

The Exodus leader, who began covering for Hanneman two years before his death in 2013, says the follow-up to 2009’s World Painted Blood is “a little bit of everything, but everything I’d reference to is 100 percent Slayer. It’s crushingly heavy and it’s dark and sinister, and it’s everything you hope a Slayer album should be. There’s no ballads!”

The album, produced by Terry Dale, is expected early this year via Nuclear Blast. King recently said it was near completion following the release of footage from recording sessions.