Slash teases 30 Years single


Slash has released a short clip from his track 30 Years To Life from third solo album World On Fire.

The full song is available as an instant download for those who pre-order the record, which gets its release on September 15 via a Classic Rock Fanpack, a full four weeks ahead of its public launch date.

The former Guns N’ Roses guitarist recently told TeamRock about how he and singer Myles Kennedy go about writing, saying: “I come up with these compositions then I send them to Myles, to see if it catches his ear.”

Kennedy added: “Slash is definitely the musical general. He has the vision of what he expects to hear. It could be something he’s recorded on his phone, just strumming a guitar, a riff or a chord progression. Then I’ll start thinking about the melody.”

Two singles, World On Fire and Bent To Fly, have already been released from the 17-track follow-up to 2012’s Apocalyptic Love.


  1. World On Fire

  2. Shadow Life

  3. Automatic Overdrive

  4. Wicked Stone

  5. 30 Years To Life

  6. Bent To Fly

  7. Stone Blind

  8. Too Far Gone

  9. Beneath The Savage Sun

  10. Withered Delilah

  11. Battleground

  12. Dirty Girl

  13. Iris Of The Storm

  14. Avalon

  15. The Dissident

  16. Safari Inn

  17. The Unholy