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Skeletonwitch frontman leaves tour

Skeletonwitch vocalist Chance Garnette has left the band's current tour with Amon Amarth to address “serious personal matters.”

The band plan to continue on the road without him after admitting they’d been the source of “rumours, speculation and assumptions” in recent weeks.

Skeletonwitch say in a statement: “We want to set the record straight. Unfortunately, Chance is unable to finish out the tour as he has some serious personal matters to attend to. We ask you to respect his and our privacy regarding these matters.

“We’ve decided to finish out the tour as a four-piece. We made the assumption that Skeletonwitch fans would rather see four of us ripping through our songs, than a piece of paper on the door announcing our cancellation.”

Apologising for “not being able to bring you the full show,” they tells fans: “We thank everyone for their understanding and their support now and in the future. Please come out to the remaining shows for riffs, beers, and hi-fives with us. At the risk of sounding too sentimental, music is equally important, if not more so, during rough times as well as the good.

“Skeletonwitch is not going anywhere. See you soon.”

The band are touring in support of their fifth album, 2013’s Serpents Unleashed.