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Sixx AM plan summer studio return

Sixx AM will be back in the studio this summer, according to mainman Nikki Sixx.

The bassist is in Australia with Motley Crue and posted a Facebook update in which he says his other band will record new music after Crue’s run of European festival dates.

He says: “I’ll be home for four days before Motley plays a couple of festivals in Europe, then back to America and into the studio with Sixx AM before Motley starts our final American tour.”

Sixx AM released their third album Modern Vintage in 2014. Sixx is joined in the band by guitarist DJ Ashba and singer James Michael.

The bassist said this month that Sixx AM would never trade off of Motley Crue’s legacy, insisting he won’t play Crue songs live with his other band.

Also this month, Crue frontman Vince Neil said he was happy with the legacy the band will leave behind. He said: “There are a lot of things to be proud of with our band. We went out our way. We did it our way.”