Sign language interpreter pays passionate tribute to Nickelback in new Big Wreck video

Aware that securing the services of Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger for a collaboration on their new single Middle Of Nowhere was kinda a big deal, Canadian rockers Big Wreck hired sign language interpreter Brandon Isaacs to sign Kroeger’s lyrical contribution to the song. Little did they know that Isaacs had some deeply-held convictions of his own that he wished to share having been given a platform to express himself, namely a deep and abiding love for Nickelback.

Isaacs shows up in the video at the 1 minute 20 seconds mark, and the guy has thoughts

For those unfamiliar with ASL (American Sign Language) here’s a translation of what goes down when Isaacs seizes his moment. 

“1. Lately we all know, and figuring you can help me understand
2. Why you all hate the group Nickelback? Why hate them?
3. Where is Nickelback from? Get your Information.
4. Their success comes from a long way back long ago. They have matured. Did millions of their albums get spread across the nation?

They are good men, they are military, Boy Scout men that wants to win the world over. They know how to make good great music. They are my closest friends so I hope you will understand. The group is my friends: Chad, William, Mike, Daniel. Good boys , you should see them and buy their albums. Let’s be happy and stay happy: I feel good, I hope you feel good. Thank you and bye.”

Chad ASL

(Image credit: Big Wreck Facebook)

As Big Wreck mainmain Ian Thornley and Chad Kroeger are good friends, we imagine both parties were quite tickled by Isaacs’ intervention.

Respect to the big man, Chad might owe you a pint. 


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