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Schammasch unveil Split My Tongue

Your spiritual essence and its place in the universe is very much like football. It’s not a matter of life and death, it’s more than that; and it’s a game of two halves – darkness and light, good and evil, all battling for control of your eternal soul.

Switzerland’s Schammasch have taken it upon themselves to give voice to this duality within us all, and the result is the epic, aptly two-part opus, Contradiction.

Released on Prosthetic Records on April 28, it’s an album that charts a new course for occult metal, not only in terms of subject matter, but in its willingness to rise above genre boundaries, its slow builds, heaving, devotional grooves and fiery testimonies calling upon Kaballic and Eastern themes, all the while carrying an osmium-weight gravitas that pulls them in to the same, black-hole gravity field occupied by fellow Swiss megaliths, Triptykon.

Vast in its scope, shattering in its execution, Contradiction is a white-knuckle ride through the cosmos and thanks to the good (but also bad – duality, right?) people at Prosthetic, we have a world exclusive track, Split My Tongue, to preview. Seek resolution and redemption below!

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