Saxon's Byford fronts sci-fi concept band


Saxon singer Biff Byford is fronting a new band inspired by a science fiction movie.

The Scintilla Project will release their debut album The Hybrid on September 2, with its songs inspired by movie thriller Scintilla – set deep underground in the wilds of a former Soviet state, where strange genetic experiments are taking place.

The rest of the band is made up of drummer Lionel Hicks, bass player Anthony Ritchie and guitarist Andy Sneap.

Byford got involved while recording Saxon’s 19th album Call To Arms, when producer Toby Jepson introduced the singer to Scintilla producer Hicks. The original plan was for Saxon to record a song for the soundtrack, but it turned into a project in its own right.

Byford says: “As the film developed through production, our minds began working – maybe we could put together a concept album based on and inspired by the film. While I was having a break from writing with Saxon, Lionel Hicks, Anthony Ritchie and I decided I would produce and also sing on the album. I brought in Andy Sneap to co-produce and play guitar on some tracks.”

The Hybrid tracklist

  1. Scintilla (One Black Heart) 2. Beware The Children 3. Permanence 4. Some Nightmare 5. Angels 6. Pariah 7. The Damned And Divine 8. Life In Vain 9. No Rest for The Wicked (Saxon track)