Sabaton won’t write Star Wars songs


Sabaton frontman Joakim Broden says there’s no chance of the band ever writing songs about high fantasy or science fiction.

The Swedish outfit traditionally look to history for inspiration for their tracks – and the singer says that won’t change any time soon.

Speaking at Hungary’s Fezen festival, the frontman said: “The most important thing is that it’s as historically correct as we can make it.

“There are the first albums when we sang about anything. I ended up with a feeling that writing the lyrics was not so much fun– it was a necessary evil.

“As soon as we twisted into history and you feel a connection to a story, you want to tell it and you want to tell it really good – and there’s enough bands singing about drinking beer, having sex and killing dragons.”

Broden says fans have passed on topics for them to cover in the past, and reports that they’ll always listen to sensible concepts.

He adds: “If you have an idea and you think we haven’t heard about it, let us know. And please don’t come with stupid suggestions. Don’t tell us to do it about Star Wars.”

Sabaton will tour the UK and Ireland with Alestorm next year and are expected to release the follow-up to 2014’s Heroes in 2016.

Sabaton: Heroes