Sabaton Heroes follow-up expected in 2016


Sabaton expect their next album to be released in the summer of 2016, according to bassist Par Sundstrom.

The band are still touring in support of 2014’s Heroes, but already have a number of ideas jotted down for the follow-up.

Sundstrom tells FeMetal TV: “The next album’s gonna come out at the end of next summer, if everything goes well. We have topics for it, we have plans for it, but we can’t tell yet, because it’s still a secret. And also, we don’t wanna tell things which might change. Because until it’s recorded, you never know if it’s gonna change.

“We have some good topics. We haven’t really written any songs yet. We’ve got ideas for some songs, some good ideas. Because we are touring so much, and it’s really complicated to write music on tour. And so, we’re gonna start in the autumn writing songs.”

Earlier this month, frontman Joakim Broden spoke of the band’s difficulty at choosing a setlist from 10 years of material and admitted some fans will inevitably go home from their shows disappointed.

In April, Sabaton released a limited-edition deluxe edition of Heroes via Nuclear Blast.