Russian rock fan builds guitar out of McDonald’s fries

ArtMayer and his fries guitar
(Image credit: YouTube)

After the McDonald’s burger chain pulled out of Russia as a result of the Ukraine invasion, one rock fan decided to express his love for the fast food in a very rock manner.

YouTuber ArtMayer, who happens to be a luthier, built a real-life guitar out of real-life McDonald’s fries, and he can be seen playing it in the video below.

“I dedicate this video to all french fries lovers, which I myself am,” he said in the video introduction, which shows the instrument starting life as 15 packs of fries in a briefcase before he begins the build, and finally plays a solo on it. “French Fries Guitar. Real McDonald’s guitar. I’m lovin it!”

The guitar copies the shape of the timeless Gibson Les Paul, and follows the classic McDonald’s red-and-yellow colour scheme. There’s even a fries pack embedded into the body, while the pickups are made by Russian manufacturer Fokin.

What’s most surprising is that it actually sounds pretty decent.

ArtMayer has previously made a guitar from 36 packs of ramen noodles, one out of 107 iPhones, and even constructed a replica of Prince’s famous Symbol instrument.

According to Mashed, McDonald’s sells 4.1 million kilograms of fries every single day in the course of serving 69 million customers during the same period. Each year in America alone the corporation purchases 2.2 billion kilograms of potatoes.

A McDonald’s contract is so sough-after that farmers will adjust their growing conditions and even attempt to create new varieties of potato in order to secure one.

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