Rosalie Cunningham announces new solo album

Rosalie Cunningham
(Image credit: Rob Blackham)

Psych prog rocker Rosalie Cunningham has announced that she will release her second solo album, Two Piece Puzzle, through Cherry Red Records on February 25.

The ten-track album builds on her prog and psych roots, also adding fuzzed out metal and smooth lounge jazz to her repertoire. Recorded with Cunningham's partner Rosco Wilson, the new album also features a contribution from Fairport Convention violin player Ric Sanders.

“With the restrictions of lockdown, getting together with a band wasn’t an option and so Rosco and I began jamming out my new songs at home with him on drums and myself on vocals and rhythm guitar," Cunningham explains. "I would then flesh out the demos with a ton of solitary overdubbing, but the bare bones came from that chemistry we had rhythmically whilst the songs were so fresh. With no end in sight to the pandemic, the actual recording process seemed to take forever, although the exploration was worth it.

“I do not work efficiently without a deadline and can tinker indefinitely! Rosco was a good foil for me in that sense - co-producing and persuading me enough was enough. The album was a Two Piece Puzzle in that sense; the title stems from the themes of duality running throughout the lyrics. Songwriting and production wise, I have learnt the importance of economy. Much of my favourite music has a lot of space in it but it’s oh so easy for me to throw the kitchen sink at it. I had to use some restraint this time!”

Initial pre-orders come with signed collectors postcards.

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Rosalie Cunningham

(Image credit: Cherry Red)

Rosalie Cunningham: Two Piece Puzzle
1. Start With The Corners
2. Donovan Ellington
3. Donny pt. Two
4. The War
5. Duet
6. Tristitia Amnesia
7. Scared Of The Dark
8. God Is A Verb
9. Suck Push Bang Blow
10. The Liner Notes


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