Robert Plant saved by American music

Robert Plant says American blues music both saved and inspired him to become a singer.

Plant performed an extensive UK tour in November and he currently has a few dates confirmed in March – including three Lollapalooza appearances in South America. He is also preparing to reveal more shows for 2015.

As Plant continues to promote the critically-acclaimed Lullaby and … the Ceaseless Roar, he reveals the origins of his music career were not necessarily homegrown.

He tells USA Today: “My preoccupation as a very young early teenager was a music form that I might have missed. If I had missed it, I would never have sung. If I hadn’t heard the Howlin’ Wolf, Robert Johnson, Little Richard music, I wouldn’t have been drawn to music.

“Most of the music we were surrounded by in England was slush, without any commitment. I was born again and saved and reincarnated by American music.”

While Plant has hinted that Lullaby could be his last record, he is comfortable with the mix of Americana, African music, blues and soul it presents.

He adds: “It is appropriate for my time in life. If it were world music, we would be the least-successful world musicians because we desecrate. I like to think it is different — something completely without a name people would call it.”