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Robert Plant does doo-wop on US TV

Robert Plant formed an impromptu doo-wop band with US TV host Jimmy Fallon at the weekend, with the help of an iPad app.

The pair sang Gene Chandler track Duke Of Earl on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon as the Led Zeppelin icon continued his promotional tour in support of solo album Lullaby And… The Ceaseless Roar.

In a separate interview Plant told LastFM: “A life in music is a bit like being a bottle on the ocean. We’re all looking for something as musicians. It’s not about going out and getting a paycheque or being loved by the masses. I’m one of the masses myself. I follow stuff that scares me, as much as I can.”

He added of his latest work: “The whole exercise was painless. The pain comes when you hand it over to a third party. You say, ‘Please look after our child,’ and then it starts.”

Plant recently dismissed the additional material packed with Jimmy Page’s Led Zeppelin remaster series as “nothing relevant – not to me, at least.”

Not only is one-time online news editor Martin an established rock journalist and drummer, but he’s also penned several books on music history. He’s appeared on TV and when not delving intro all things music, can be found travelling along the UK’s vast canal network.