Robert Fripp announces guitar Four-Day Event for Guitar Players

Robert Fripp
(Image credit: Robert Fripp)

King Crimson guitarist Robert Fripp has announced a four-day guitar event for next October. An Introduction To The Guitar Circle And A League Of Craft Guitarists: Four Days And Nights Of Zen And The Art of Guitar will take place at the Gideon Putnam resort in Saratoga Springs NY from October 22-26. Fripp has recorded a trailer video which you can watch below.

The Introduction To The Guitar Circle is a four-day-long event for guitar players and music-lovers of all levels, interests, and tastes. Whether an established player, a beginner, or just an enthusiastic fan, the four-day programs offer activities and workshops for you.

"If music is to enter our world, the role of the audience is as necessary as the role of the musician," Says Fripp. "So, for the first time in the life of Guitar Craft and the Guitar Circle, we are inviting audients to this Intro, to learn the techniques and approaches available to Crafty Guitarists.

"Music has its own intelligence, but can music change the world? If so, how? How does a musician become present in the place within them where music lives, or visits for a while? How is an audient present within themself when music visits? How does music come into our lives? What is involved in the process of musical performance

"For those interested in guitar playing, work will be on acoustic guitars in the New Standard Tuning – CGDAEG. Guitar meetings / workshops will be in groups of all sizes, including individual meetings with the Guitar Buddies.

"This Introduction to the work of the Guitar Circle will also include classes in Alexander Technique, Orchestral Maneuvers, T’ai Chi, Zen meditation, The Process Of Performance, and Doing Nothing – As Much As You Can!

"There is nothing solemn about any of this, and I’m intending to have a good time. This is an approach to play, playing, serious play and playing seriously.

"I recommend that everyone come with an aim. You are invited."

For more information, visit the Guitar Circle website. Interested musicians can register now.

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