Robb Flynn slams All That Remains' Labonte over LGBT comment

Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn has taken All That Remains vocalist Phil Labonte to task over comments he made about the LGBT community and the civil rights movement in a recent interview.

Labonte was criticised for using a homophobic slur on a DVD released in 2005. And he says the only people who have a right to be offended by inappropriate comments are the black community.

He tells Revolver: “I think the only people that have a legit grievance when it comes to any racial slurs is the black community. I know the homosexual community has problems with it and I understand their hurt feelings. But homosexuals were never property.

“They’ve had a rough time and I’m not trying to minimise that, but I think the black community has a whole lot more room to be upset about a word than the LGBT community. It’s one thing to say, ‘This guy said something and it hurt my feelings and it bummed me out and it sucks.’ Okay, that’s a good perspective. But I don’t know that you need a whole social movement.”

Last night, Flynn posted a lengthy blog about racism in the US after watching Selma, a film based on the black civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr.

He says: “I was writing this and someone sent me Phil Labonte from All That Remains’ ignorant ass world views from his Revolver magazine cover story. WTF!? rightfully slammed him, and good for them! And shame on Revolver for not!”

Labonte then responded on Facebook: “Seen a lot of brouhaha on the interwebs about the Revolver article. Of course lots of people are saying I should be beat up or killed or I should kill myself. Basically the commenters on said blogs are saying ‘freedom of speech, so long as you don’t offend me.’ So these people are of the same mindset of the people who said the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris were justified because some things are just too offensive.

“I fully understand that to some people it is offensive to hear the word ‘faggot.’ I get it, you’re fragile and words give you ouchies. But remember what you’re asking for when you decry protecting the freedom of speech.”

Later, Labonte added two further comments saying: “If that last post was [too long to read], I basically said “metal blogs are on the same side as ISIS” and “Lol, I butthurted Rob Flynn”.