Rob Reed’s Wicker Man tribute


Magenta mastermind Rob Reed will release an EP on December 1 featuring a re-interpretation of Willow’s Song from cult horror movie The Wicker Man.

He originally created the piece for acclaimed recent solo release Sanctuary, with vocals by Angharad Brinn, who worked on his award-winning Kompendium album Beneath The Waves. He decided it had no place on the full-length record, so instead it’ll be launched alongside a reworking of folk song Scarborough Fair and four instrumental tracks.

Reed says: “I’m a huge fan of The Wicker Man and always loved Willow’s Song – it’s a really haunting piece and I always wanted to do my own version.

“As soon as Angharad sang it I knew it was something quite special. The more I listened the more I thought it sounded out of place with the long instrumental pieces on Sanctuary, so I reluctantly left it off. It’s great to finally release it.”

Reed has prepared a short video to accompany Willow’s Song, to be launched alongside the EP on December 1. A limited run of CDs will be available via his website while downloads will be offered via his Bandcamp page.