Rob Dukes happy to be free of Exodus 'cancer'


Former Exodus frontman Rob Dukes has likened his departure from the band to cutting “a cancer out of my life.”

Dukes said previously that he was sacked by the band last year while on his honeymoon. They brought back Steve ‘Zetro’ Souza as his replacement and went on to release the album Blood In Blood Out.

Dukes now says that he’ll never speak to any of the members of Exodus again. He tells Painful Pleasures: “Fuck those douchebags. I never have to talk to them again – or their managers, and that’s such a good thing. It’s like I cut a cancer out of my life.”

The singer fronts Generation Kill, who are working on a collaboration with DMC from Run-DMC. And he adds that he now spends his spare time working on old cars.

He says: “I moved to Phoenix and started building hot-rods and restoring old VWs. Life is good.”