Richard Kruspe joins us on tonight's Metal Hammer Radio Show


Germany has had some sensational bands over the years: Kraftwerk, Scorpions, Accept... and, of course, Rammstein.

Tonight we’ll be chatting to Rammstein guitarist Richard Kruspe about his new side-project Emigrate. Plus we’ve got a ton of music from Marilyn Manson, The Defiled, Heart Of A Coward, Black Light Burns, Rollins Band, Alice Cooper and Anthrax.

We’ll also be talking politics (scary, huh?), in particular the Scottish independence elections and the idea that Scotland could actually be cut off and float into The North Sea become all too real – that’s what’ll happen if they vote yes, right? Anyway, it got us thinking…

What’s the strangest break up you’ve ever had? It could be work, love, your best mate, your favourite football team…

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