Red Seas Fire take you to the Blood Bank


Taken from upcoming EP Resolution, Red Seas Fire are premiering their new video for Blood Bank with Metal Hammer.

Speaking about the new track, frontman Robin Adam says it’s “one of the clearer examples of the progression of the_ Mise en Scène_ series.”

“It fuses the anger of our last EP Confrontation with the heart of Exposition in order to take the listener to somewhere else entirely – it was the clear choice for the lead single.”

But where did the video idea itself come from?

“Our guitarist Petey [Graves] has for a long time been a big video nerd,” says Robin, “and has produced the vast majority of our online video content, and his girlfriend Nicky is a budding young film maker. Over the years they’ve collected some pretty nice equipment and together they came up with the idea for the video, directed, shot and edited the whole thing. The result is our best music video to date!”

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