Red Dragon Cartel rise from tour ashes


Red Dragon Cartel have saved what's left of their UK tour following their public spat with their now ex agent.

Tensions boiled over at the weekend after a disagreement, apparently over work visas, led to the last-minute cancellation of Jake E Lee’s show in Wolverhampton.

The band accused agent Denise Dale of creating a “total fucking joke” of a situation and branded her “completely unreasonable, immature” and “unprofessional.” Dale responded by describing a “Spinal Tap moment” with Lee’s girlfriend, and confirmed the band’s next show at the Tivoli in Buckley had also been called off.

Now Red Dragon Cartel have secured the services of another promoter, meaning the Buckley show will take place as planned on Friday, with tickets reduced in price. They’ve also added an appearance at Satan’s Hollow in Manchester tonight (Tuesday).

The band admit “it’s been an eventful 24 hours in the office” and say they hope to create “happy UK fans” out of the move – although some have been critical because the new gig is so far from the cancelled one in Wolverhampton.

Their appearance at the Download festival this weekend will also go ahead as planned.