Quiet Riot unveil documentary clip


Quiet Riot’s upcoming documentary will air on US channel Showtime later this month, the band have confirmed.

Well Now You’re Here, There’s No Way Back will be shown in the States on January 29 and will be released on DVD and via iTunes on May 19.

The film, which was made possible thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, focuses on drummer Frankie Banali and his struggles to forge ahead with the band following the death of frontman Kevin DuBrow due to a drug overdose in 2007.

The documentary is directed by Banali’s fiance Regina Russell and she reveals that when the sticksman said he planned to relaunch the group, she immediately thought it would make an ideal subject for a film.

She tells IndieWire: “We had been dating for about a year, and it was around that time when he said he was considering meeting Kevin’s mother to get her blessings to go on with the band. I thought that sounded like a documentary, and he said, ‘No! That’s going to be a lot of trouble.’ But I talked him into it and started following him around with the camera.”

And Banali reveals the film has forced him to come to terms with best friend’s death and credits Russell with enabling him to move forward with his life.

He says: “Whether it was intentional or not, Regina forced me to deal with Kevin’s death. Before the film was all said and done, I can’t tell you how many mornings I would sit in my office and thought Kevin was calling when the phone started to ring.

“She made it possible for me to finally let go, not to stop missing Kevin, but to let go and accept the fact that he’s gone. He’s not coming back, and although he died because of his choices in life, I don’t fault him for that.”

He adds: “As expensive as this film has been, it’s definitely been cheaper than therapy.”

The band released the album 10 last year. It featured six tracks with new frontman Jizzy Pearl along with four songs with DuBrow.