“Britain is ALREADY WRECKED! How could things get any worse?” Queen's Brian May urges the UK electorate to vote for “change” at Britain's General Election on July 4

Brian May
(Image credit: Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images | The Artist TaxiDriver Instagram)

Queen guitarist Brian May is urging voters to help end “arrogance, ineptitude and corruption” in the British government, and to vote for “a chance of decency” at tomorrow's General Election in the UK. 

The 76-year-old musician has been making his personal feelings about the upcoming election crystal clear on his social media channels in recent weeks. At the weekend, May shared a collage of British newspaper front pages (originally posted on the instagram account of the_artist_taxidriver), overlaid with the theme tune from the Looney Tunes cartoon series, in a post that began with the words, “Looney Tunes !!! The comedy !! The irony !!”

Singling out headlines based upon a comment made by UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak that Labour Party leader Keir Starmer, strongly tipped to become the next Prime Minister by pre-election polls, would “wreck Britain in 100 days”, May posted: “"Starmer will WRECK Britain in 100 days" ?!!! Hello ?!! Britain is ALREADY WRECKED !!! How could things get any worse ?!! And did we forget Liz Truss destroying Britain's standing in the world in just 47 days ?!! Pure Comedy ! But also Tragedy.

“Just 4 days left to prepare for the ousting of the arrogance, ineptitude and corruption that we have suffered for more than a decade. VOTE ! For a change - for a chance of decency. Get your mates to come with you to the polling station - make a night of it. Let's do this !!!”

On June 24, the guitarist posted a photo of the cover of the Daily Mail newspaper, which had the headline, “Ten Days Left To Stop 'Disaster' Of A Starmer Super Majority' and responded, “The only disaster would be if we FAIL to annihilate this unspeakably inept and corrupt Tory government this time around. VOTE !!!“

“You really have to laugh at this Daily Mail headline,“ May posted. “I just hope everyone's eyes are open out there. I hope you folks have a full realisation that the Daily Mail is an organ of propaganda for the Tory party. They will do almost ANYTHING to try to discredit the Labour Party, as we approach the election, to try to prevent the Landslide defeat of the Tory Party which we all here are praying will actually happen.

“So when you see headlines like this, remind yourself gently that a succession of unelected Tory leaders have ruined Britain over the past 12 years. Arrogant, dishonest, corrupt, this awful bunch brought us the disaster of Brexit, one of the world's worst responses to Covid 19, directly responsible for the unnecessary death of many of our old folks, poverty for many, filthy water, broken promises on addressing global warming. They brought us the shamefully inhumane idea of packing refugees off to a penal colony in Rwanda.

“Under 12 years of Tory rule, nearly a quarter of a million badgers have been murdered, in the name of protecting cattle from a vile disease. And now it's clear they all died for no benefit to cow or farmer. It's a crime beyond belief against innocent wildlife. Rishi Sunak has declared he will do NOTHING to close up the loopholes in the Hunting Act which are allowing the barbaric torture and killing of foxes to continue to take place, under the covering lie of "Trail Hunting". Labour has committed in its manifesto to end these wildlife crimes, and improve animal welfare, as well as working with farmers to help them in ways that actually work.

“This is our one chance to rid ourselves of the nastiness of a government that cares only about itself,“ May's post concluded. “VOTE !! Let's reach for change - for decency, and a better world for our grandchildren.”

Paul Brannigan
Contributing Editor, Louder

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