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Police are still investigating the death of All That Remains’ Oli Herbert

Oli Herbert
Oli Herbert (Image credit: Daniel Boczarski/Redferns - Getty)

Police are still investigating the death of All That Remains’ Oli Herbert, more than a year after the guitarist’s death.

The 44-year-old’s body was found in a pond in October 2018, with initial reports saying his death was an accident.

His widow Elizabeth stated in a now deleted Facebook post that he died from drowning, while he was also found to have unprescribed anti-depressants in his system at the time of his death.

However, in November 2018, police sources told the Hartford Courant they were treating Herbert’s death as suspicious, with local authorities attempting to piece together a timeline of the guitarist’s final 24 hours.

It was later claimed that Herbert signed a will a week before his death, naming Elizabeth as his executor and sole benefactor – excluding the guitarist’s sister Cynthia from receiving anything from his estate. 

Elizabeth was named as the only recipient of the “property as well as any current or future earnings” from Herbert's work.

The Hartford Courant now report (via Alt Press) that the investigation is continuing, with police recently seizing Elizabeth’s phone and computer.

It’s also emerged that Elizabeth has filed a three-page document in probate court which indicates that All That Remains have refused to to hand over the financial information that she requires to file an inventory of her husband's estate.

Elizabeth is also looking for profits from All That Remains' European tour which took place following the death of her husband.

The letter says: “There have been tours and shows played by All That Remains since Oli Herbert’s death about which the estate, as part owner of All That Remains Inc., hasn’t been notified by being sent its copy of the profit and loss statements – nor has the estate been paid its equal portion of profits as tour pay.”

The Hartford Courant report that while Elizabeth hasn’t yet submitted a full inventory of her late husband’s assets to the court, she is seeking payment for Oli’s cremation and to be reimbursed for the expenses from his memorial service.

All That Remains vowed to carry on after Oli’s death, saying it's what he would have wanted.