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Dark Side in album talk pilot

Pink Floyd classic The Dark Side Of The Moon is the focus of a pilot Concept Album Talks event in London next week.

Houston PR will host the inaugural Concept Album Talks night upstairs at the Theodore Bullfrog, Charing Cross, on July 21 (Tuesday) at 6.30pm.

Organiser Hamish Thompson says: “We’ve been talking for a while about something we could easily do on a weekday evening in a pub.

“So here’s the idea: we’ll pick a record. The name of the album will be the name of the event. Each talk will be a track on the album. We’ll arrange the speakers. Each speaker will be limited to the running time of the track. Each speaker will have to give a talk that makes sense of the track title. They won’t be able to talk about the song though. That’s it.”

The entertainment comes complete with an interval during the flip from Side A to B. “Speak To Me will be the hardest,” Thompson says. “It’s only one minute and 13 seconds long. How can you do a talk that short?

“There are loads of records that we’d like to do and we’d also like to hear your suggestions.”

Those interested in attending can email for further information.

Floyd leader David Gilmour has just announced details of solo album Rattle That Lock.