Piano stream first full album Salvage Architecture


Piano – featuring TesseracT and Skyharbor frontman Dan Tompkins – have streamed latest album Savage Architecture via Prog.

Released via Zestone Records, it’s their first work since 2008 and their first full-length release.

The band’s Chris Haywood says: “All in all, Salvage Architecture represents what must be well in excess of 1000 hours of hard work and constant experimentation, with influences ranging from Placebo, Glassjaw, Isis as well as classical and jazz music.”


  1. Inspire

  2. Expire

  3. Disappearing Ink

  4. Scalene

  5. Forensics

  6. Dust To Dust

  7. Neptune

  8. Nostalgia Is A Weapon

  9. Ruin Ethics

  10. In Memoriam