Percy Jones quits Brand X

Brand X
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Percy Jones has announced that he's left jazz proggers Brand X. In a statement on his Facebook page, Jones stated that "the experiment wasn't working as I'd hoped when I agreed to reform the band in the summer of 2016."

The bassist was a founding member of the band in 1974, as well as taking part in the 90s reunion, and the more recent one, which began in 2016, alongside founding guitarist John Goodsall.

The full statement reads: "I would first like to say thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout my career, especially the Brand X fans.

But  I had been facing some long standing frustrations that had to do with the day to day operations of the band.

Sometimes - more often than not - it's the business that gets in the way of the art and ultimately kills it; in Brand X it's getting to be a habit. Which is why, due to long standing frustrations with the day to day operations of Brand X, I decided the experiment wasn't working as I'd hoped when I agreed to reform the band in the summer of 2016.

It wasn't easy to acknowledge, especially when considering the loving fans and the other band members, but ultimately, as artists, we must stay true to ourselves.

I've known John since 1974 and have played with him on and off ever since. Playing with him has been one of the highlights of my career and I consider him a friend over the many decades. I also loved playing with Chris Clarke, who is a really outstanding keyboard player.

This will be a new chapter for me and I'm excited to pursue new musical endeavours, some of which you've seen online. I'm looking forward to sharing more of that with you in 2021, and to whatever musical collaborations may ensue. Going forward things are looking up.

Love to all, please stay safe and see you on the next gig, whenever and wherever that may be.


Most recently Jones had been appearing alongside guitarists Alex Skolnick and Tim Motzer and Brand X drummer Kenny Grohowski as part of MoonJune Records' virtual Sonic Shapeshifter gigs. He remains a member of MJ12.

Brand X

(Image credit: Brand X)
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