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Watch the cast of Peanuts perform the whole of Rush's 2112!


Rush's classic 2112? Performed by the cast of Peanuts? It's a thing. 

The AV Club reports, "if you had to describe the internet to somebody, you might say, “It’s a place where people waste an inordinate amount of time when they could be doing productive things in the real world. Or, you could just show them this video of the the entirety of Rush’s prog rock suite 2112 synced up with old clips from Peanuts cartoons. It is—in both its meticulous construction and utter pointlessness—the internet in a nutshell."

It's the work of You Tuber Garren Lazar, who has also created works in which the Pink Floyd's Another Brick In The Wall Pt. 2 and Lynyrd Skynyrd's Freebird have been synced up with Charlie Brown and his pals.

“[This] is officially the most difficult Peanuts Parody I’ve ever made to date,”  Lazar tells AV. 

You can check out more of Mr. Lazar's work at his You Tube channel.