Ol Drake happy to sound ‘cheesy’


Former Evile guitarist Ol Drake is proud of managing to make his solo album sound “a bit cheesy.”

And he’s admitted he originally had no plans to work on Old Rake, which was released last month.

He quit Evile in 2013 and didn’t intend to keep working as a guitarist.

Drake tells MusicRadar: “As soon as I left I became fully commited to not doing music again. I emailed Earache Records to thank them for all their support.

“They replied saying, ‘It’s been great, but we really want to keep working with you.’ I had to explain I was done with music for the time being.

“The idea of the solo album came up, and I figured if I was being given the opportunity, then why the hell not?”

Instrumental record Old Rake includes guest appearances from Slayer and Exodus guitarist Gary Holt, Sylosis’ Josh Middleton and others.

Drake says: “If you’re in a thrash band you can end up being limited to that style – and I mean no disrespect to Evile by saying that.

“It felt good to play in major keys and sound a bit cheesy.”

Drake plays this year’s Bloodstock festival in Derbyshire on the weekend of August 6-9.

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