Nu metal floor-filler Down With The Sickness gets mashed up with a cat, because The Internet

A montage of the TikTok kitten and disturbed artwork
(Image credit: TikTok/Giant/Reprise)

Every so often, the stranger side of the internet rears its head, resulting in absurd yet hilarious creations. Now, in a new viral TikTok, both those boxes have been ticked thanks to the platform's quick-thinking users. Two worlds collide as metal and cat lovers of the web join forces to create this hilarious medley of Disturbed’s Down With The Sickness, featuring the calls of a hungry kitten.

What was once a simple, yet adorable, TikTok clip of an owner questioning her cat, Storky, on whether it’s time for supper, got a remix when user Jalen Amend (@the_jaybird379) highlighted that the meows mimicked David Draiman's famous staccato in the intro of Disturbed’s nu-metal floor-filler Down With The Sickness. Calling out to the more tech-savvy Tik-tokkers, Jalen requested for the sounds to be mixed together.

“I know I don't got a lot of followers," he says, "but if someone could make that cat sound to Down With the Sickness – that 'wah-ah-ah-ah' – that'd be great. Tag me in it."

His request was soon answered by Wyatt (@fly_wy) who excitedly accepted the challenge. "[I] fuckin' like the way you think," he says. "Consider it done." He then re-shares the original video followed by footage of him tinkering away behind his laptop. On completion, Wyatt headbangs over a screenshot of the Disturbed's The Sickness album. 

The mashup has even made its way onto Disturbed’s radar, who shared the video across their social media outlets. Check it out below.

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