NOFX detail new album and issue Six Years On Dope video

A picture of NOFX frontman 'Fat' Mike Burkett performing at Download 2016
NOFX frontman Mike Burkett (Image credit: Getty)

NOFX have announced they’ll release their 13th album First Ditch Attempt on October 7.

The punk outfit also issued a lyric video for their song Six Years On Dope – lifted from the album. The artwork and tracklist for the record can be viewed below.

Frontman ‘Fat’ Mike Burkett, who is currently undergoing a detox programme, recently paid tribute to young fan Samuel Pollas, who died after falling at a NOFX show in Copenhagen last month.

Burkett said: “This is Samuel. He was 20. He hit his head on the ground at our show in Copenhagen.

“He was nauseated and dizzy, but decided to go home and sleep. He never woke up. Our hearts go out to his mother and friends.

“Samuel’s mother would like to give this warning given to other ‘invulnerable’ young: ‘If you’re drunk and hit your head, do not go to bed without getting it checked.

”‘Let none of your friends walk home alone after a fall or blow to the head. Take care of yourselves and each other.’

“Wise words. RIP Sammy.”

NOFX will tour Europe next month before returning to the US in September for a run of dates.

Further release details for First Ditch Attempt will be revealed in due course.

NOFX First Ditch Attempt tracklist

  1. Six Years on Dope
  2. Happy Father’s Day
  3. Sid and Nancy
  4. California Drought
  5. Oxy Moronic
  6. I Don’t Like Me Anymore
  7. I’m A Transvest-lite
  8. Ditch Effort
  9. Dead Beat Mom
  10. Bye Bye Biopsy Girl
  11. It Ain’t Lonely at the Bottom
  12. I’m So Sorry Tony
  13. Generation Z

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