Sixx: Don’t bash Simmons


Nikki Sixx has congratulated Gene Simmons for his reaction to the suicide controversy stirred up last week.

The Kiss star last month gave an interview about drug addition and related issues, including incendiary comments that erupted following the death of actor Robin Williams.

Simmons reported: “I’m the guy who says ‘Jump’ when there’s a guy on top of a building who says, ‘That’s it, I can’t take it any more – I’m going to jump.’ Shut the fuck up, have some dignity and jump.”

That led to a furious backlash, including strong words from Motley Crue mainman Sixx, who branded Simmons “moronic.” Further reaction followed, with some radio stations refusing to play Kiss music.

Simmons later issued a retraction, saying his words had been “misconstrued” and adding: “My intentions in speaking very directly, and perhaps politically incorrectly, about drug use and alcoholics have been misconstrued as vile commentary on depression. Unkind statements about depression was certainly never my intention.”

Now Sixx says: “This has turned into a bit of an anti-Gene Simmons bashathon, and I don’t condone that. Nor do I support radio stations who are banning Kiss – the guys in the band didn’t do anything.

“Gene said something that has been addressed. Maybe in a moment of bravado he was just being cocksure and pompous? Out of everything in my life that’s gone awry, I try to learn a lesson. There is good in everything.”

After referring to his own struggles with addiction and depression, Sixx adds: “What I know is this: When people are listening, we have an opportunity to pass along some valuable and positive information.”

Meanwhile, Ginger Wildheart has demanded his removal from an upcoming Kiss documentary as a result of Simmons’ comments. He says via Twitter: “I’m truly embarrassed that I was ever a Kiss fan. I’m honestly really happy that everyone hates Gene Simmons. Clueless old fucking wanker.”