Nightwish have no plans to celebrate 20 years

Nightwish have no special plans to mark their 20th anniversary, says keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen.

The 38-year-old founder of the band says they’ll release a DVD around the date next year, but thinks celebrating 20 years “sounds a bit boring.”

He tells LaGrosse Radio: ”Maybe 25. Hopefully 50. Who knows? But no, we haven’t planned anything. There’ll not really be anything special. A new DVD is coming out next year, around the 20th anniversary. But no special shows, no special tours because we’re aiming for the future.”

Holopainen adds Nightwish would like to do an orchestra tour – and would probably wrap up their career by returning to their acoustic roots.

He continues: “The orchestra idea has been there for a decade already. At some point we would like to do it, but maybe create something a bit more special.

“An acoustic tour sounds really nice as well, but that’s a thing for the future. I’ve always said that since Nightwish began as an acoustic project, when we are sure that a certain album will be the last one, it will be acoustic. It kind of closes the circle.”

The band talked to TeamRock Radio about their latest record, Endless Forms Most Beautiful, which also features Professor Richard Dawkins talking about the theory of evolution on track The Greatest Show On Earth.

Nightwish are the cover stars of issue 278 of Metal Hammer magazine, available now in print, digital and via TeamRock+.

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