New Genesis book takes unique approach to band's 50-year career

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A new book covering the entire 50 plus year career of Genesis, Play Me My Song – The Music Of Genesis by Philip Stichtenoth, will be published by Wymer Publishing on March 17.

"By nearly any metric, Genesis is one of the most successful, influential, and enduring rock bands of all time," say the publishers. "Naturally, the band’s fifty plus year career has also given rise to all kinds of related literature: some critical, some biographical, and some purely informational. That’s all well and good, but what if these didn’t have to be separate ideas? What if one book could somehow do it all?

"Play Me My Song is a blurring of the traditional boundaries of musical literature, approaching the music and history of Genesis from a multitude of angles in order to become something that is at once both truly unique and deeply comprehensive."

The 538-page paperback style book is comprised of extensive essays in varying styles about every single song and album in the entire Genesis catalogue. Play Me My Song will also blend song histories, musical analysis, critical reviews, autobiographical tales, the fun of countdowns, and "a dash of pure silliness to create something extraordinary."

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(Image credit: Wymer Publishing)
Jerry Ewing

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