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Music Premiere: The Osiris Club - Blazing World

London four-piece The Osiris Club set out their stall with the premiere of Blazing World, the title track of their upcoming debut album.

The four-piece started out in 2010 with the aim of melding horror-movie soundtracks with prog metal.

They’ve been drawing strong reactions from live crowds with shows that feature occult symbolism, film backdrops and theatrics. Guitarist Raf Ruett says: “They tend to react with either religious fervour or complete confusion – and we wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Fellow guitarist Chris Fullard says of recording work: “We tracked at the renowned all-analogue Orgone Studios in London. We moved to Seattle and began mixing at Avast studios with Randall Dunn, who’s previously produced Sunn O))), Earth and Wolves In the Throne Room.

“We mastered the album with Jason Ward at Chicago Mastering. Sonically the results speak for themselves.”

Blazing World will be released on June 9 via Indie Recordings. Find out more.


  1. That’s Not Like You 2. Solid Glass 3. Mystery Sells 4. The Bells 5. Blazing World 6. Undoing Wrong 7. Seize Decay 8. Miles And Miles Away

The Osiris Club: Blazing World