Motorhead's Campbell plays Panda Party


Motorhead's Phil Campbell is working on a new project, Panda Party, who describe themselves as "four friendly pandas who live on Panda Island". Members of the band include singer Punky Panda, keyboard player Penny Panda, guitarist Texas Pete Panda, and drummer Percy Panda.

“Well, they say never work with animals and children but here I am, working with animals, for children!” says Campbell. “It’s my new project for children six and under. I like the dancing Pandas - I play the guitar on this one [below] but we need celebrities for each week.”

Campbell is working on the project with Neil Starr, a member of his All Starr band. The pandas hope to provide “engaging kids songs and upbeat nursery rhymes to teach ABC’s, colours and so much more.”

For more information about Panda Party, visit their website. Motorhead played at Wembley Arena on Saturday.