Lemmy’s pride in helping coma boy


Motorhead icon Lemmy says his proudest moment with the band was when they helped bring a fan out of a coma.

The memorable moment took place in their early years, when the frontman was accompanied by guitarist ‘Fast’ Eddie Clarke and drummer Phil ‘Philthy Animal’ Taylor.

Lemmy tells Full Metal Jackie: “We brought a kid out of a coma once. We made tapes and they played them to him in hospital – and he came out of his coma.”

He says the boy was the only one to recover from a ward full of people in a similar condition, and adds: “That is worth my whole career.”

The 69-year-old was forced into making lifestyle changes after a series of health alerts in 2013. But he admits: “I stopped smoking for about two years, but I started again.

“I’m only doing a pack a week, as opposed to two packs a day, which I was doing. And I stopped drinking Coke. There’s 10 spoons of sugar in a can of Coke. I’ve got diabetes, you know – if I hadn’t got it, that would have given it to me.”

Motorhead are currently working on their 22nd album, expected in the autumn. Lemmy admits he’s been suffering a bout of writer’s block in the studio, but reflects: “You wait for it to go away. It always does.”

The band play this year’s Eden Sessions in Truro in June and launch their second Motorboat cruise in September.